Condemnation, blame after Cairo bombings

Local and international groups and figures condemned the three bombings that shook Cairo early Friday, claiming the lives of five and leaving dozens injured, as the country commemorates the third anniversary of January 25 uprising.

Armed Forces spokesperson Ahmed Ali said in an official statement that the “mean acts of treachery by extremist terrorist groups have underestimated the value of Egyptian souls, and have taken armed violence as a way to achieve their dirty aims to scare the Egyptian people and prevent them from completing the democratic process.”

Ali added that the Armed Forces promises Egyptians that it will root out terrorism in Egypt to achieve stability and security.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, usually blamed by authorities for these attacks, was quick to condemn the bombing and offer condolences to the families of those killed.

“Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms peaceful revolution against fascist military coup is the only path chosen by Egyptians to restore their freedoms. Muslim Brotherhood holds coup authorities responsible for deteriorating security for failure to investigate previous bombings & apprehend perpetrators,” the Brotherhood’s official Ikhwanweb site tweeted early Friday.

The spokesperson of the Salafi Nour Party also offered condolences to the “victims of the terrorist attacks. The enemies of the country will not succeed in scaring its people. We shall pass this stage together with the people, army, and police.”

The founder of the Salafi Front, an ultra-conservative Salafi coalition that is part of the National Alliance to Protect Legitimacy and Reject the Coup, held the Ministry of Interior responsible for the bombings in an interview with Sada al-Balad news website on Friday.

“The aim of such bombings is to further smear the National Alliance and to put the responsibility for the attack on the supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi,” said founder Khaled Said, adding that the bombings also target the reputation of Islamists in Egyptians’ eyes.

Meanwhile, the liberal Dostour Party heavily condemned the bombings, denouncing violence as a method of supporting any political stance, especially as Egyptians are marking the third anniversary of January 25 revolution.

“The revolution succeeded because it was peaceful. It is important that such attacks will strengthen the will of the Egyptian people to fight terrorism and uniting its efforts to achieve the demands of January 25 revolution,” the party said in an official statement on Friday.

The Coptic Orthodox Church also offered condolences to the victims’ families, as spokesperson Bishop Boules Halim said in an official statement: “We know that evil should have an end and we trust that the hands of God can protect the country from such acts, which do not lead to anything but painful memories in the country’s mindset.”

Halim added that the church is praying to God to protect the country and spread peace among its people.

The Democratic Front of the April 6 Youth Movement said in a statement that citizens are the primary victims in the current power struggles, adding that “Egyptians know very well that neither terrorism nor unjustified violence against citizens is the solution, as it drags the country to an unknown path, where every step is stained with blood.”

The front demanded the resignation of Minister of Interior Mohammed Ibrahim for his “failure to secure the country and failing to be up to his promises to gain control over the security situation.”

Arab League head Nabil al-Arabi issued a statement condemning the attacks, adding that the league supports Egypt in its war against terrorism and those who stand behind it, the official Middle East News Agency reported Friday.

The diplomat called for a swift investigation to brings the perpetrators to justice, adding that such an attack will not affect the will of the Egyptian people in their quest for democracy.

The American Embassy in Cairo was also very quick to condemn the “heinous terrorist attacks.”

“We fully support the Egyptian government’s efforts to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice. The Embassy extends its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims, and we hope for the quick and full recovery of the injured,” the statement read.