Mansour issues pardons on occasion of Jan 25

Interim President Adly Mansour issued a decree on Sunday pardoning some of those serving sentences on the occasions of the January 25 revolution and Police Day.

The pardon includes those who, on January 25 2014, would have served 15 years of their life sentences. According to the decree, they will remain on probation for five years after being released.

The pardon also includes those who served half their sentences by January 25 2014, on the condition that the sentence is not less than six months.  

However, those sentenced under the Armed Forces’ 2011 law which criminalizes protests and strikes that hinder production in the workplace are excluded from the pardon.

Mansour’s decree also excludes those convicted of specific crimes and misdemeanors, such as offenses that involve foreign and internal threats to government security, crimes concerning bribery and fraud, as well as charges of blocking traffic and possession of weapons and narcotics, among others.

Those pardoned have to have shown good conduct during their time in prison, since they would otherwise pose a threat to national security, according to the decree.


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