Politicians encourage Sisi to run for president

Following a strong hint that Head of the Armed Forces General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi may run for president, several political leaders voiced their support for a potential presidential bid.

After months of speculation and subtle hints, expectations rose Saturday when Sisi commented, in response to popular calls for him to run for the presidency, that the requests of Egyptians are to be obeyed, and vowed that he “would never turn [his] back on Egypt,” during a conference.

In a TV interview Saturday night, a leading member of the Free Egyptians Party, Ahmed Saeed, said that Sisi’s popularity is unprecedented, adding that, if he runs, many would consider him to be the candidate of the revolution, and that other revolutionary candidates should withdraw in support of the colonel general.

In privately owned daily newspaper Al-Watan, Journalist Abdallah el-Sennawy interpreted Sisi’s latest statements as confirmation that he will run for the Presidency, adding that he expects other candidates to step down.

Additionally, the newspaper reported several endorsements for Sisi’s potential candidacy from political groups and leaders, including Tamarod — the movement that mobilized the masses in support of Morsi’s ouster — as confirmed by member Mohamed Nabawy, who said that the group is getting ready to organize protests in support of Sisi’s possible bid for the presidency following the upcoming national referendum.

Leader of the Social Democratic Party, Mohamed Abul Ghar, maintained that, as long as Sisi removes his military uniform, the party would back his bid for the presidency, Al-Watan added.

Member of the National Salvation Front, Amr Ali, called Sisi, “the right man for this period,” adding that his candidacy is essential because of the support he enjoys.

Assistant Secretary General of the Nour Party, Shaaban Abdel Alim, also told Al-Watan that the party respects the will of the people and will announce their support for a candidate after a complete list has been drawn up. 


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