Judicial report recommends dissolving FJP

The Board of State Commissioners issued a report on Saturday recommending the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party and freezing of its assets.

The Supreme Administrative Court had postponed all cases relating to the dissolution of the FJP to February 15 in order to consult the state commissioners report.

The report states that the Brotherhood’s party should be dissolved by “the verdict of the revolution” on June 30 which, the report continues, necessitates the fall of the regime and its ruling tools, the most important of which is the Freedom and Justice Party.

The report accuses the Muslim Brotherhood and the party, which it identified as the group’s political arm, of being antagonistic to the state, carrying out terrorist acts and misusing religion to take advantage of “the innocence and enthusiasm of Muslim youth.”

The report said that the Muslim Brotherhood never legalized its position and hence should not be allowed to found a party.

It also blames the committee responsible for vetting political party applications for not properly scrutinizing the FJP’s request and for allowing it to be formed despite its violations.

The FJP was founded in June 2011 following legal changes that allowed parties to form by notification. It won a sweeping majority in the parliamentary elections that followed.

An administrative court issued a ruling in September banning the group and rendering all its activities and subsidiary organizations illegal. The ruling stated that the group had adopted violence and threatens national security.


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