Political commentators: Sisi won’t run

On the dragging question of whether Minster of Defense and Commander-in-Chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will run for the presidency, some commentators assert that Sisi will take this step and will simply maintain his military position.

Abdallah al-Senawy, a political commentator and columnist, assured AFP that Sisi will not be running the presidential elections.

“I have confirmation from sources close to him that he won’t take this step even if people took the streets and demanded that he run for president,” Senawy told the agency.

“However I believe that whether he runs or not he may face real problems, “he said. “It‘s obvious that all the security apparatuses are loyal to him, so if any other figure took the post of presidency, we will have a state with two commanders which might end up with a struggle,” he explained.

Moreover, Senawy believes that if Sisi were to become president, the Muslim Brotherhood would seek to destabilize his rule, and so Sisi would depend on the Armed Forces. The military would thus have a political role, thereby weakening the presidency.

But at the same time there is also great potential if Sisi enters the presidential race, Senawy suggests.

“If he runs he will answer the call of millions of Egyptians who need a strong president who can maintain stability, but at the same time it will make it obvious to some Islamist groups that what happened was a coup.”

Since the military intervention to overthrow Morsi on July 3, Sisi has been dubbed by many as a savior and several popular campaigns have been established calling on him to run for presidency.

However, for the military part, ongoing discussions are been held between the committee of 50 tasked with rewriting the constitution and senior military officials over adding an article that immunizes the position of defense minister for two or three presidential terms.

Several observers and commentators read these discussions to mean that Sisi would not run for the presidency.

Similarly, Mustafa Kamel al-Sayed, a political analyst, told AFP that practically speaking taking the decision would be hard.

“The military will still have a political role and Sisi will always be influential in national security issues and he won’t run, but at the same time I expect that the military will be capable of dealing with any coming president in a collaborative way.”


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