Tamarod establishes committee to work on ‘Tamarod constitution’

The Tamarod movement has announced the formation of a committee consisting of constitutional scholars and political experts to formulate a draft “Tamarod constitution” which will be presented to the 50-member committee, MENA reported.

Mohammad Nabawi, a member of Tamarod’s central committee, said that the committee consists of specialists in law, constitutional matters and politics. The task of the committee is to draft a constitution through the ideas and proposals that Tamarod is collecting from citizens in various governorates across the country.

Nabawi added that the move is part of Tamarod’s campaign “Write your Constitution” which was launched in order to engage Egyptians in writing the new constitution and encouraging citizens to submit their proposals on forms that Tamarod is currently distributing.

Most prominent among those who have agreed to join the committee already are Tahany al-Gebali, former member of the Supreme Constitutional Court who lost her position as the result of an article in the 2012 Constitution which decreased the number of members of the court. Gebali is an outspoken critic of the Muslim Brotherhood. She is joined on the committee by Mustafa Kamel al-Sayed, professor of political science at Cairo University.

Meanwhile, the state owned website Egynews reported that the 50-member committee tasked with reviewing the constitutional amendments drawn up by a 10-member committee of experts started its work with articles that criminalize criminalize discrimination. Mohamed al-Salmawy, the media spokesperson for the 50-member committee, announced that the subcommittees have already completed the amendments of a number of articles, including Article 37 and 38 in the rights and freedoms section of the 2012 Constitution.

Two seats in the 50-member committee are occupied by Tamarod.


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