Egyptian presidency responds to Obama

Following US President Barak Obama’s condemnation of the violent dispersal of Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins and his cancelation of joint military exercises with Egypt, the Egyptian presidency issued a statement late Thursday night asserting its sovereignty and expressing fears that “unfounded statements” will empower the armed groups the state is fighting.

The Egyptian presidency said that while it appreciates American interest in the situation in Egypt, it had to clarify the situation.

It reiterated that the state is in the midst of a battle against terrorist groups who target state institutions and endanger lives and, while it regrets any casualties, it has a responsibility to stand up to these groups and protect the country and its people.

In response to Obama’s condemnation, the presidency said that it fears that such unfounded statements could strengthen terrorist groups and further encourage them to keep taking an anti-democratic path, which in turn could hinder the roadmap that aims at holding parliamentary and presidential elections and drafting a constitution as soon as possible.

The presidency concluded by asserting its sovereignty and independent decision-making.

In his address on Thursday, Obama said “While we want to sustain our relationship with Egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual.”

During the dispersal of the two six-week-old sit-ins in support of deposed President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday, at least 638 people died.