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On the receiving end of Operation Pillar of Defense

Photojournalist Ahmed Deeb recently returned to his home in the Gaza Strip after photographing the fighting in Aleppo, Syria. This week, the Israel-Hamas conflict landed at his doorstep and he has since been documenting the impact of the bombing on Gaza on his fellow Palestinians. What follows is a selection of what one photographer is seeing from inside Gaza.

Israel’s latest operation, Pillar of Defense, officially launched on 14 November with the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, the head of Hamas’ military wing. Since then, Israeli airstrikes have hit hundreds of targets across Gaza, destroying homes and killing dozens of Palestinians, many of them civilians.

Overnight between Friday and Saturday, the Israeli military claims to have hit some 200 targets in the strip and has called up 75,000 reservists in the event of a ground invasion.

Gazans mourn the death of Hamas military chief Ahmed al-Jabari, who was assassinated in a targeted attack by the Israeli military on Wednesday. Tens of thousands of supporters gathered at the funeral, which also included three other Palestinians, including a child, who died that day as a result of the Israeli air assault.
Mahmoud Saadallah, 4, is mourned by his father and friends before his burial. Saadallah was killed after an Israeli airstrike hit his house.
A critically injured child is rushed into a hospital's trauma unit following an airstrike targeting a car in eastern Gaza City.
Mahmoud Saadallah's grandfather faints after seeing the boy's body.
The family of Mahmoud Saadallah mourns his death with its community before his burial.
The Saadallah family's house was partially destroyed by an attack by Israeli planes.
Shrapnel pockmarks the wall of a house hit by an Israeli bomb in the area, south of Jabaliya.
A child's family speaks to doctors about his condition while he waits to be treated for his injuries.
A critically injured man undergoes surgery at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City after the first day of attacks in the city center.
A car damaged in the bombing of buildings nearby, which injured the driver and a child.
The uncle of a child killed by an Israeli airstrike demands revenge for Israel's killing of children during a funeral in Gaza City.
The mother of a child killed in an Israeli airstrike mourns.
A man carries his daughter, who was wounded by shattered glass after an Israeli missile struck close to their home.
Smoke rises from a building targeted by Israeli air forces.
Prayers are held prior to the funeral and burial of Mahmoud Saadallah, who was killed in an airstrike.
A friend of Mahmoud Saadallah looks at his body during the funeral.
Ahmed Deeb is a Palestinian based in Gaza strip. He studied radio and television at Al-Aqsa University and works as a freelance photographer around Middle East. His photos have won first place in the "UN Correspondents Association" in 2013 he was also awarded the 3rd best news photographer in 2011 by the Thomson Foundation and was a finalist in American Echo Award for photojournalism "2012" and the Award Thumbi of India in 2012.
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