COVID-19 drive-thru testing rollout blurs lines between public, private sectors
The prime minister visited the company’s first drive-through site the day it opened, on June 15.
Detox | Deliver us to freedom
This is a guide to try and breach the barrier, as we long for the day that it finally comes down.
Province of Sinai militants occupy North Sinai villages forcing mass displacement
Province of Sinai militants have occupied the villages of Qatiya, Iqtiya, Ganayen and Merih
Detox | Summer absurdities
A battle is raging at the coast, too — namely over what women should or should not wear on the beach
Daily COVID-19 roundup: July 21
A coronavirus vaccines manufactured by China currently in trials is set to be produced by Egypt.
Detox | Respite
Let’s take a few steps away from what's happening around us and try to unwind.
Video | Angry seas in al-Mex
Nada Gamal | Residents in Alexandria's historical al-Mex were handed eviction notices last month
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In new precedent, women jailed for 2 years for violating ‘family values’ in TikTok videos
Ethiopia irrigation minister: Ethiopia has not started filling dam, pooling in reservoir due to rains is ‘known to Egyptian president’
Journalist Mohamed Mounir dies after release from prison
Despite continuing impact of COVID-19, Senate elections date set for August
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Ismail Fayed
On queerness and the jargon of authenticity
a utopia free of any Western influence only exists in the delusions of some postcolonial academics
Sharif Abdel Kouddous
City Limits of the Dead
Our bodies are never safe from the people who rule this place. Not in life, not even in death.
Yasmin El-Rifae
Inherent guilt: Menna Abdel Aziz and the victims of Ahmed Bassam Zaki
Rape is not done by monsters, it is done by human beings

The worker’s rock bottom moment
Andeel | Worker: "What do you mean he is going to be BURIED in it?"